With a current financial climate that is confusing for many individuals and business owners there is a need for expert advice. We sort through the confusion and provide the expertise.

As an independent insurance brokerage firm, we represent our clients. By constantly researching the marketplace, you will be assured of a choice of the most up-to-date and cost effective insurance and related products. We help implement the necessary strategies to protect your family and assets.

A consultative approach is used to identify our clients' current financial picture, define their goals, map a financial strategy and finally, help them implement the plan.

Plans are periodically updated as needed and additional concerns are addressed, as they arise.

Most people have some questions about their financial situation. Give us a call or send an email , and let’s schedule an appointment to go over your options. We appreciate your visit and interest.

This Information is specifically intended for residents and businesses of New York & New Jersey.

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